4Story Multihack Update 2018!

We’ve made it through another year, so there was time to improve our 4Story Multihack again.

– We’ve fixed the compability issues with Windows 10 (Creators & Fall Creators Update) – 1703 and 1709 builds.
– We’ve added inventory sell bots, instant essences openers, game radar (PvP & PvE) and much more.

Please visit our forums for more information 🙂 In case of any problems with validations emails or stuff, just drop a comment with your email address (into the email address field) and we’ll work it out.

18 comments to 4Story Multihack Update 2018!

  • Gangsta  says:

    Como faço para comprar o Multihack 4Story PT?

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      Yeah, it works on 4Story PT.

  • s1rpent  says:

    How do I buy the hack?

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      Check my forum-

  • Xnix  says:


    i want buy this SW but i cant register….

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      Why could you not register? Registrations are open.

  • Asphyxion  says:

    Hi, I didnt receive a validation email when registrating for the site

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      Sorry, but web.de blocks our emails, use gmail to register for example.

  • peter  says:

    Hey geht der Hack auf dem Offi DE?

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      Yeah, it works on DE.

  • Karama45  says:

    Hey S1lv3r , hack work on 4Ancient ?

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      It works now!

  • Player  says:

    Silverangel plese add demo version we want to try

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      There won’t be any trial/demo versions.

  • Relis  says:

    Witam, nie dostałem wiadomości potwierdzającej e-maila a mam go na gmail.com ? Przychodzę tu z nadzieja zdobycia hack-a do 4Ancient jest taka mozliwosc ? Proszę o szybką odpowiedz. Pozdrawiam

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      Your account has been validated, you may log in now.

  • Bazzer  says:

    Funktioniert der Hack noch?

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      Sure it works 😀

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