4Story GameForge Multihack Updated!

We’ve updated the 4Story Multihack to a new version which now supports the GameGuard protection.

4Story Multihack by SilverAngel

The update is only for the VIP Edition and it’s available for a new price!

Enjoy this update of the VIP Edition and have a lot of fun with it!

8 comments to 4Story GameForge Multihack Updated!

  • george  says:

    u dont have the free version but u have the price version but u dont have the hack that we want to pay to get it.if u put one shot in MINIONS will be a hack that we wanted and i will buy it.Just do that one-shot in minions! 🙂

    • kostasant  says:

      What makes you think that he will do whatever you ask? “You dont have the hack we want to pay to get” Ok then, make one yourself.

  • JeePo  says:

    hello my friend how we buy and turkey server also run?

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      Ye, sure.

  • miggullino  says:


    can you add me on Skype? because i want to buy the hack for 4Story.

  • Snow  says:

    how to buy?

  • Tasos  says:

    How can i contact with you for this hack?

  • 2New4y0u  says:

    Dude how can I add u via skype? Need your contact address 0:

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