Ghost Recon: Phantoms Multihack Upgraded!

We’ve updated the GRP Multihack to a new version because of the latest patch and added some new functions, fixed some bugs and more. You can find the changelog below:

– Added “Shotgun Hit”
– Fixed “Infinite Ammo”
– Fixed “No Recoil”
– Fixed “No Spread”
– Improved Font Installation
– Improved “ReadMe.TxT” file
– Updated Copyright Years (2014-2015)

Enjoy this update of the VIP Edition and have a nice day!

18 comments to Ghost Recon: Phantoms Multihack Upgraded!

  • jopek  says:

    good job

  • kitsoni  says:

    GRP Multihack+vip pls

  • butcher  says:

    Is it working in todays date and is it safe??

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:


  • Vik  says:

    is there any way that i can purchase it permanently? without making the payments at regular intervals? Please let me know

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      No, there isn’t.

  • Waschtl  says:

    how i can get this hack ??

  • SoldierOnAcid  says:

    Plz I can’t find your free version … I’ll test it and ill buy if I liked it …can you please send me the link as a reply plz … Ty !!! Luv u (no gay)

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      There isn’t a Free version anymore

      • manojdeka  says:

        how to download?

  • ItsComp  says:

    How get free hack

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      There is no Free version

  • feri  says:

    how can use it!?

  • saleem  says:

    i need buy the hack how ?

  • Christopher Karl Phillips  says:

    Hi, how can I buy it? and can you buy it through paypal please?

  • david  says:

    how do i get it

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      Check out our forum 🙂

  • Rooster  says:

    I need to buy this but how

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