Games to Hack

Hey guys, since I’m looking for a new games to hack and make tools for, I think you could be a little helpful.

If you play any online game or a game with a multiplayer available, please, write them down to the comments or just message me on forum/skype/whatever.

I’ll be grateful for this little favor, in the end both of us can benefit from it!


30 comments to Games to Hack

  • jozo mrkva  says:

    You could try to hack GTA V online.

  • John  says:

    Do battlefield 3

  • GRPAssault  says:

    hi.. i need for GRP for my ban account, do u have new updates coz i have b4 but not working now i dont know exactly what happen y i cant loginn now. many thanks for sharing.

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      Hey man, hit me up on skype 😀

  • UZZY8  says:

    WARFACE !!!!

  • ChickenKingStomper  says:

    Ive always wondered if you could hack a game like maplestory or the mmorpg sorta games. others would be like runescape even thoguh its ancient and uh survarium 😀

  • Tomytis  says:

    It would be really cool if you could hack in to Cabal Online (EU) version

  • andre0001  says:

    Hey, u could make a hack for Contract Wars. Its A Facebook game. but its difficult to win GP and Money. so if u could great. send me a message on skype for if u can make it

  • TheSpirexReturns  says:

    Try Black Light Retrubiution , also can u solve ban prop for grp

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      BLR is server-sided and I know how2bypass GRP ban, because I know what they’re banning on 😀 But I’m keeping it private.

      • TheSpirexReturns  says:

        u play blr? and wait a min so GRP weopons arent server sided? and can u help me with a project am doing , whats ur skype

        • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

          No they aren’t server-sided. And I guess I won’t help you with your project since I have no idea why would I do that.

          • TheSpirexReturns  says:

            ok dont help me with my project and , what about blr no spread or basic esp

          • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

            I’ve been playing BLR, without hacks, till the new update came…… Now the game is fucked 😀

  • royy  says:

    Superstar Racing

  • kostasant  says:

    What about Team Fortress 2? :p There’s only one multihack called LMAOBOX (its the most famous atm) but I really want to see what can you offer 😀

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      the game is still alive? 😀

      • kostasant  says:

        Yup… You can check it out. They are updating it like once per week

  • alexadros al  says:

    metin2 i know much people who want to buy !

  • alexadros al  says:

    metin2 have gameguard too

  • Zippel  says:

    DO it for WarFace. it will be very goood. i will fuck the game up!

  • N4tsu  says:

    Hey What about Warframe ?
    Or ELOA..

  • Weggezockt  says:

    What about Neverwinter or Dragons Prophet?

  • joao victor domingues  says:

    you can hack the clash royale and the clash of clans

  • Shikarinmoto-kun  says:

    Hi old friend.. long time huh? Can I make a request?
    Can you do a multihack on need for speed 2016 pc version? Well im not forcing you to do it of course. KEEP DOING YOUR EXCEPTIONAL WORK BRO!! ;D

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      Hey there 😀 I would need to buy it first 😀

  • Gleb  says:

    Crossfire pls

  • Romain60850  says:

    4story fr

    • S1lv3rAng3l  says:

      That hack already exists mate 😀

  • K  says:

    Guild of wars 2

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